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1847 Classic Wilde Minor Tuning

1847 Classic Wilde Minor Tuning

Wilde- Minor tuned harmonica in the 1847 Classic Model.

Wilde-Minor tuning is a natural minor version of the original Wilde Tuning.  Just as Natural Minor tuning is Richter tuning with the 3rd and 6th degrees of the scale flattened, Wilde-Minor is Wilde tuning with the 3rds and 6ths flattened. This allows you to play minor chords and the full minor scale in all three octaves without overblows, whilst retaining all the rock intensity and bluesy expression of the original Wilde tuning. 


Please note, like Seydel's Natural Minor harps, Wilde-Minor harps are labelled in the 2nd Position key; so you would use an Am harp to play a song in A minor (draw 2 is A). 


    • Full and loud, overtone-rich sound and extremely fast tone-response due to stainless steel reeds
    • Very long durability and even with heavy duty playing - stainless steel reeds and stainless steel rivets
    • Less air-loss due to fine-cut reedplates - optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reed and reedplate
    • Beard- and lip-friendly - coverplates with rounded edges without any cuts at the mouthpiece and ergonomic built hole-openings and rounded dividers
    • The overtone-rich sound can spread out undampened - covers made of extra strong stainless steel sheet (0.4mm), opened wide at the back and crimped and therefore a good stability and rounded edges
    • Moisture-proof, swelling-free maple comb, sealed with multiple layers of food-safe finish

    The 1847 is the result of Seydel's 170+ years of experience in manufacturing high-quality harmonicas - a master's instrument for maximum ambitions. This is the model Will Wilde uses himself, it is the perfect fit for the Wilde-Minor tuning. 


    Worldwide shipping.  All items are dispatched from the UK via Royal Mail (Tracked & Signed).  You will receive a tracking number upon dispatch.  Local sales tax/ VAT and duty are not charged for territories outside of the UK and will have to be paid on delivery. 

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