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Wilde Minor tuning is a natural minor version of the original Wilde Tuning.

 Just as Natural Minor tuning is Richter tuning with the 3rd and 6th degrees of the scale flattened, Wilde Minor is Wilde tuning with the 3rds and 6ths flattened. This allows you to play minor chords and the full minor scale in all three octaves without overblows, whilst retaining all the rock intensity and bluesy expression of the original Wilde tuning.

Wilde-Minor tuning is available exclusively in the 1847 Classic model and comes 5 of the most commonly used minor keys: Am, Cm, Dm, Em and Gm. Please note, like Natural Minor harps, Wilde-Minor harps are labelled in the 2nd Position key, so you would use an Am harp to play a song in A minor.

Watch the video below for more information about Wilde Minor tuning.

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