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Bad Luck Friday CD (Signed by Will Wilde)

Bad Luck Friday CD (Signed by Will Wilde)

The debut album from Will Wilde's hard rock band Bad Luck Friday. 

Eight out of the ten tracks feature Wilde Tuned Harmonicas (Harp keys shown on the tracklisting below. 


1. Bad Luck Friday (Wilde Tuned Ab harp)

2. 666 At The Crossroads (Wilde Tuned B harp)

3. Banshee (Wilde Tuned D harp)

4. Dust & Bones

5. Jealous Woman (Wilde Tuned LE harp)

6. Take The Best Of Me 

7. Mistress (Wilde Tuned G harp)

8. Low Down Dirty (Wilde Tuned G harp)

9. Bonnie To My Clyde (Wilde Tuned D harp)

10. Rebel With A Cause (Wilde Tuned D harp)


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